Sources (unconfirmed): The Professor has signed for 591

591 News agency (591 NWA) reports that the Professor has signed a two year contract with Mr Urbano, president of 591. Mr Urbano is reluctant to make any comment but indicates that it was a quick and smooth deal. It appears that the funky and funny blog where the Professor last was seen wanted to get rid of him. He was said not to be enough funky or funny for the new regime of the blog.

Sources tell 591 NWA that the purchase was a bargain and that the Professor immedeatly leaves the funky and funny blog along with his assistants, the jr doctors, Doctor Cold, Doctor Bold and Doctor Gold.


Anonymous said…
I had some suspects...
Better this way!

Anonymous said…
just to explain some things: it was rather the opposite, Professor decided that the 3 jr dr are not funky (and obidient) enough, and although they were begging professor to stay, he decided to leave the not-too-funky blog, spiting straight to 21 his friends (including the 3 drs.) telling they are stupid and dumb, and taking all of his toys from the sandbox.
Dear Professor, you have started and accelerated this virtual conflict, without even giving us chance to know and discuss what's happened.
You decided alone, by yourself leaving, that's ok, but please stop to offend us behind our back.
You started a new project, gods bless you, do you really need to do this. I will just quote your last words directed to your faitful 21 friends, being your sincer friends for years: stupid and provocative, no head, no heart (and I'd add: no class). So much not as you, professors and gentelman do not act that way. howgh
Yours faitfuly
dr Concrete
Anonymous said…
OMG - are there even more doctors?
Anonymous said…
I am sincerely out of words, reading this Mr Concrete. Are we on the same planet?/Mr Urbano