The wonders of Undra

Photo © Christofer Grandin

When I asked Christofer if he wanted to make a series for "enterkymlinge", I could almost sense how he started to contemplate my request. Well, we have some odd activities going on late at night - it is a game where you jump with joy if you score words like MUTTERER or QUARRELED. So I have a clue about how his mind works.

Christofer Grandin
Born (year) : 1968
Lives in: Norrtälje, Sweden
Latest exhibition: Fotografi, Uppsala Fotografiska Sällskap, 2008
Coming, planned exhibition: We will see…
Inspiration (photographers): No one in particular. I rather think photographers that have the guts to go their own ways always inspire me.
Inspiration (other): Some of them are: Slas, John Steinbeck, Aksel Sandemose, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Cure, Dali, Picasso, Monet, Chagall.
Film, digital or both: Film
Quote: "Art is the expression of imagination, not the reproduction of reality." - Henry Moore
A favourite photograph: One in the midsummer series of Walter Hirsch, I haven’t been able to find it on the net though.

Photo © Christofer Grandin

Christofer sent me a great series from Undra. He says:
"Many villages and small towns claim to be the nearest village to..., or closest town to... whatever, desperately seeking for an identity that somehow gets more and more lost. Not Undra though. Undra claims nothing. It just is.

So I love going to these small fragments still remaining, places that I can treat as constants in a changing world. Places abandoned by the eye of modernization."

Enter Undra with Christofer


Mikael said…
As always that special Chris mood, great too see!
Anonymous said…
the title made me laugh!... the project is great!
beautiful images.
br said…
yes, beautiful images and it's great to see them on 591 !
Unknown said…
"It just is". Why is it so find that to be the place called Undra?
Beautiful, Christofer!
Anonymous said…
Lite vemodigt och vackert och med ditt speciella avtryck!