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A vision

It’s only the silence

The smile of heaven

Tree of smoke

Milan, Italy

In the smoky haze

a world of mystery

Reflection in the waters

Signs for all to see

Indian Lights

In the Footsteps of Jack Kerouac


A million dreams gone

Bus Stop

Gleiss Lutz

New Morning

The soul of many things

Exit in any direction

Time and space

the garage door

walk on the clouds

Waiting for the trains

Morning mist

the mist is closing in

Between the windows

Tree of Life

Untitled, Helsinki / 1965

tender kiss

It’s too late now

Yesterday is just a memory


nymphs in the forest

feeling the wall

not the end

In the tall grass

the hour is getting late

those long and wasted years



The creek

The silent model


A room with a view


Garden in Nowhere


Around the corner

Green pot plants and radio

Upper Malboro, MD