Keith Dannemiller - Women in Glove

Photo © Keith Dannemiller

Photo © Keith Dannemiller

Keith sent me a great series of woman boxers from Mexico. See all pictures Women in Glove in the 591 Gallery.
I suggest that you have a look at Keith's homepage too. There are many fine photographs to explore.

Keith Dannemiller

Born(year): 1949
Lives in: Mexico, DF
Inspiration (photographers): Richard Avedon; The FSA photographers from the 1930's USA, especially Russell Lee; Diane Arbus; Eugene Atget; William Eggleston; Nacho López
Inspiration (other): My father; the Centro Historico of Mexico City; Ernesto Guevara; John Berger; Johnny Cash; Martin Luther King; Toni Morrison; Charles Bukowski; Alejandro Escovedo; Roberto Bolaño
Film, digital or both: Both
Quote: "Look at those eyes!" breathed Dean. They were like the eyes of the Virgin Mother when she was a child. We saw in them the tender and forgiving gaze of Jesus. And they stared unflinchingly into ours. We rubbed our nervous blue eyes and looked again. Still they penetrated us with sorrowful and hypnotic gleam.
---Jack Kerouac, "On the Road"
A favourite photograph: Eugene Atget, "La Villette, Prostitute Paris, 1921."

Keith adds that the title "Women in Glove" is
is in reference to and a play on the title of the D.H. Lawrence novel, "Women in Love".


Mikael said…
Great portraits of strong women´s!