La Frégate

Photo © Manon Vuillermet

Photo © Manon Vuillermet

Photo © Manon Vuillermet

I saw this series by Manon and oh yes...they are really beautiful photos. The blacks...the mood. She tells me that the pictures were taken eleven years ago. Some pictures get under my skin and take me travelling in time and space - so here I am in La Frégate, Belle-Isle en mer. It is 1997 and I am enjoying the beer and talking to the people (do they know English...Spanish...Swedish??)

Manon Vuillermet

Born: 1977
Lives in: Between Paris and Belle-Isle en mer
Latest exhibition: April 2008 eight photographs B&W faces and seascapes, unique hand-made prints
Coming, planned exhibition: with Jean-Luc Barbier 2009
Inspiration: The light, the soul of the people, the sea, the wind. Fate and coincidences.
Film, digital or both: film
Quote: "la fascination est l'angle mort du langage." Pascal Quignard

Manon adds: "I am self-taught, I started when I was eleven years old with a Pentax from which the battery had died. I learnt the settings following my feeling. For 20 years, I studied photography and discovered the classic and contemporary photographers."


Ian balat said…
Anonymous said…
These photographs are very beautiful... the black, white and silver colors are so rich and the composition takes you to this place, La Frégate, Belle-Isle en mer. I want to enjoy a beer and a cigarette here.... magical.
Mikael said…
Beautiful photos indeed!
bertrand said…
Il faut se remettre au travail, Manon :]