591 Exhibition - Thomas Håkansson

Photo © Tomas Håkansson

You are invited to the vernissage - it will
open in about ten minutes. While waiting, please take your time to learn something about the photographer.

I meet Thomas outside Galleri Ikon in a part of Stockholm that some people call "Sofo"(South of Folkungagatan). We walk the streets trying to find a café that is not overcrowded and finally find a place to sit down.

Thomas Håkansson
Born: 1951
Lives in: Stockholm
Latest exhibition: Galleri Korn, Stockholm
Coming, planned exhibition: no current plans
Inspiration (photographers): Catarina Gotby, Kirsten Klein, Joakim Eskildsen, Lars Tunbjörk and
Pieter Ten Hoopen.
Inspiration (other): Per Kirkeby (Danish painter), Gao XingJang (Chinese writer living in France). Sofia Gubajdulina (Russian composer) and Lars Lerin (Swedish painter).
Film, digital or both: Both
Quote: Taking pictures is emotional rather than rational
A favourite photograph: Early Morning On The River, London Bridge (Bill Brandt)

I ask Thomas about the place where he took the pictures that will be exhibited on 591. He tells me they are from Gräsö, an island located in the Baltic Sea northeast of Uppsala, not far from the small town Östhammar. Thomas parents bought a summer house there in the early 1960s and he has taken hundreds of photographs of the surroundings.

Thomas tells me that now he finally has been able to capture his vision, his feelings about the place - partly because of his greater experience as a photographer but also thanks to a Diana camera. He tells me that the pictures were taken by intuition, he was reacting to a specific light and just pressed the shutter when the moment presented itself.

I tell him about my feelings as a viewer - the photos are elusive like life itself, like fleeting memories
- but without losing their character as photographic images. One of the pictures stand out like a focal point. I am thinking of the image of the lighthouse seen above. Thomas tells me that the small lighthouse was used by the fishermen during the herring-periods. It was dark out there and the light led them back home to the island. I feel good, listening to this story.

Exhibition ended Dec 28, 2008

But let us move on - the vernissage is open and Thomas offers us a drink, a vegetarian dish, seafood and fish. Music for the occasion:
Introduction - Bill Frisell, Ron Carter and Pul Motion.


Mikael said…
Very nice pics Thomas, a bit surreal and appeals me very much
affe johansson said…
Mycket stämning!
Rhonda Boocock said…
Beautiful pictures, Thomas! Such a feeling of loneliness...
Anonymous said…
Great exhibit Thomas!

Stämningsfullt och förtrollande.