Around midnight

Photo © Per-Arne Andersson

It looks like Mr Urbano is still in the house, probably preparing coming events on 591. He has told me that tomorrow will bring Tom Waits, classy snapshots, reportage, pictures from a neighbourhood and much more...So don´t go away. 591 is here to stay. Keep sending your pictures, comments and suggestions!


Tiberio Fanti said…
Infinite thanks for this explosive start to "Magister" Ulf and all the 591-ers.
Tomorrow I'll be waiting for your news from another corner of this good ol' world: London Town.

Keep following me, this week ... I'll surprise you.

Tiberio, from Stockholm.
Rhonda Boocock said…
Maybe I'll stay up all night to wait for Waits! It's been a great first day! -R
cafe selavy said…
Waits! I didn't know he was a photographer. I can't wait.