591 Reportage - Ann Johansson

What about the reportage, the documentary photography of the 21st century? Of course I don´t have the answer, but I am curious about it. So let us find out, let us explore and discuss it!

Seeing Ann Johansson's pictures from the race for the White House is interesting, even now that we know the outcome. I think about the picture where one of the candidates
(Mitt Romney)
is introduced by his wife and the rest of the family - intriguing. Another favourite is the one with McCain shot from behind - him facing the flag. Somehow it is obvioust already at this stage that he cannot win the race.

"The Race" present us with some moments and hopeful candidates during the campaign leading up to the historic victory of Barack Obama.

Right now Ann is in West Africa making a reportage. I hope to see some more pictures by Ann on 591 when she is back.

Ann Johansson
Born: 1963
Lives in: Los Angeles
Last exhibition: Aesthetics - a group exhibit at The Perfect Exposure Gallery in Los Angeles December 07
Coming, planned exhibition: none
Inspiration (photographers): Everything from some of the kick-ass photojournalists to fine art, architecture and more.
Inspiration (other): People/Life
Film, digital or both: Both
Quote: "Life is much too serious to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde
A favourite photograph: Impossible to pick one.
Homepage: annjohansson.com

See the Reportage "The Race" by Ann Johansson


Rhonda Boocock said…
The best kind of reportage photos, each photo says so much, not needing words to explain them...excellent work!
Tiberio Fanti said…
I'm happy to see these shots here.
This set the highest standards for 591!

IMO, Hillary' sign carried away (and I remember I saw this shot the same day she got out of the competition) is simply exilarating.
Mikael said…
Photos that speak out loud, good documentary, hope to see more here!
Fantastic reportage, graet to see the "foot work" the cantidates have to make! The picture of Barack Obama and Stevie Wonder is just wonderful.