Sunda Kelapa - the old port of Jakarta

Photo © Mikael Jansson

Sunda Kelapa is the old port of Jakarta. Situated in the north of Jakarta it is still an important harbor. Today it is receiving timber schooner´s - the modern ships goes to the new harbor just a few miles away. On one side there are the schooner´s that use both sail and engine, on the other side there are only vessels using engine. They sail throughout all of Southeast Asia and are at sea for weeks at times, the cargo could be anything - mostly they ship cement and timber.

Photo © Mikael Jansson

Photo © Mikael Jansson

Most of the ships are loaded an unloaded by strong workers that carry the cargo by hand on small unstable gangways ( I hardly could keep balance only carrying my small backpack :))

The crew could be 8-15 sailors. The cabins where they sleep are very small and the environment is basic and rough!
Crew is contracted for six months or a year but many stay several years or as long as they can keep going because you need to be a tough man to make it!
- Mikael Jansson
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Anonymous said…
I am impressed by your focus in this mini series from the old port. There must have been a lot of things to take in at such a place, but you stick to the idea of capturing the workers and their conditions. Very fine.
Unknown said…
Very interesting and so beautiful photos, Mikael!

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