9.15 PM cet - Mr Urbano is in the House

Photo© Per-Arne Andersson

Välkommen, bienvenido, welcome! It looks like Mr Urbano has turned on the light... Isn´t this a wonderful image? The photographer is Per-Arne Andersson. Thank you Paa for letting me use your picture to introduce 591!

Today I would also like to celebrate photographer Robert Frank on his birthday. Cheers mr Frank! It is also the birthday of Peter Ragnarsson, who created the logotype for this site. Grattis Peter! Thanks!

So, what's on? I am happy to say ...quite a lot! This delayed weekend will not end until late Monday night. Be sure to cancel everything else - sit back and get ready to enjoy 591 Photography.

After being with The F Blog for two years I decided to try something new. I had a great time there and you should definitely check out the site. Some of the highlights for me was interviewing Lennart Nilsson and Graciela Iturbide. My contacts with Mimi Levitt, daughter of Nickolas Muray was pure magic.

This blog will be written in English. Since I am a native Swede
, there will be errors now and then. I beg your pardon in advance. As I do understand and talk Spanish as well, bienvenido a escribirme en su idioma si así lo prefiere.

There will perhaps be a few texts on the blog in Swedish and Spanish, but in such cases with a rich summary in English. According to Wiki up to 400 million people speak English as their native language and well over a billion people understand English.

Well, huh...? Wasn´t this supposed to be about photography. Why not skip the intro and get to work!
OK, OK...here we go. Enjoy the ride!


Mikael said…
Yeah its open, cant anything but a sucess
Anonymous said…
Yes! A great opening it is!
Rhonda Boocock said…
Wonderful introduction!!!! Can't wait for it all to unfold!
Anonymous said…
Enjoying the ride! Yes! Welcome back Mr Urbano!