591 Collection - first images

Photo © Joakim Strömholm

Starting today, I will now and then add images to the 591 Collection. I am thinking of it as a permanent collection where some of Mr Urbano's favourite solitaires can be seen.

When I visited galleri ikon and the exhibition "Looking Back" by Joakim Strömholm, this picture set my eyes on fire. I could not take my eyes off it. The momentary geometry created by light and shadows playing with Grace Jones and her accordion is a treat.

Photo © Thomas Håkansson

I love everything about this picture. The way it is taken, the colours, the defiance in it, the comfort of having a light house (even a small and rugged one) to lead you to shore. There is a good story with the picture too about herring-periods when the fishermen could land loads of the poor man's alimentation.

Don´t miss the opportunity to see more pictures by Joakim and Thomas now showing on 591 Photography Gallery.

Photo © Mikael Jansson

I understand everything about this picture and I understand nothing about it. It appeals to me emotionally and I understand it that way - it speaks to me. When I asked Mikael if he wanted to share the picture I told him not to explain what the scene is about. Because I don´t want to know. I just want to keep it as it is.