for the collection

Photo © Rhonda Prince

I had problems finding a thinking spot this passed weekend since there is a snow storm out there.
So instead of thinking about some very wise words for the Sunday preachings, I decided to look for pictures to add to the 591 Collection. However, I came up with one good idea, the collection will hold 591 photographs. Isn't that a brave project?
This photo "Flowers of the city" is a favourite of mine and I am happy to select it for the collection. I don´t know if Rhonda was thinking of "To Ramona" when setting the title. I am thinking of stars, a universe, an eruption of beauty before my eyes.

Photo © Benny Persson

There is a beautiful story attached to this photo. I received a hand made copy of it by snail mail from Benny a couple of weeks ago. An excellent print with blacks to die for.
And such a great and generous gift. The picture
will stay in my mind - like the ultimate road movie.

Photo © Bengt Björkbom

I have many favourites among the pictures Bengt has shown to the public. But I always come back to this photo. The expression of the woman, the black ribbon worn by the man as a symbol of grief, the game...There is so much content in this image - a classic.