Thinking about time zones

Photo © Rhonda Prince

I was looking for a thinking spot, because I had to think hard about time zones. Rhonda found one to send me. It is really beautiful. Thanks Rhonda. So I sat down and the first thing that come to my mind was the PM and AM thing. It is a bit hard for me to get used to - AM is that After Midnight? So what about PM? Is that Passed Midnight?

No. It is ante meridiem (a.m., Latin "before noon") and post meridiem (p.m., "after noon").

Very good. But how will I remember that? Just listen to this (from wiki) " People who grew up with the 12-hour clock often have problems indicating midnight and noon. Those who grew up with the 24-hour clock are confused when they come across situations very common in Internet forums and email, in which a message indicated as posted at "12:46 am" appears before a message marked "11:05 am".

It is like the timetable of flights from Mariehamn (Åland, Finland) – Stockholm. The time difference is one hour and the flight is half an hour. So it says:

From Mariehamn: 10 30 AM
To Stockholm 10 00 AM

Now that will make me sleepless. I don’t even know if I got it right here.

Time Zones....Hello Mr Urbano! This was supposed to be about time zones.
OK ...I am in Stockholm - it is 17 30 or 5:30 PM.
Where Rhonda lives it is 10:30 or 10:30 AM
In Los Angeles it is 08:30 or 8:30 PM
In Tokyo it is already tomorrow! 01:30 or 1:30 AM

I have to give up this discussion. It is really exhausting.

The bottom line is however: 591 Photography is not working 9 – 5 (09 00-17 00) It is working around the clock - in all time zones!


Anonymous said…
Now this is intresting!

Did you know that before 1879 Sweden had several different timezones? Each city had their own time. It was a difference of 24 minutes between Stockholm and Gothenburg for instance...Well the railways put an end to this mess and mad a timezone of their own (called Railwaytime), the problem was that they used the same time as Gothenburg!... Well after some debate (15 years) the Swedes compromised to put the Swedish meantime by the meridian approx between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

So you see, time has always been a mess really. Better off ignoring it completly!
Anonymous said…
No I did not know that
So if I call somebody in Gothenburg, my call would reach the other person 24 minutes before I make the phone call??
You set my brain on fire Yngve. Don´t do this to me. I need to scramble....