Tonight in Mexico City - Herejías, Pedro Meyer

The book "Heresies" with 300 photographs by Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer will be presented at an event in Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City tonight 7 PM - 9 PM. You should get to know this photographer.

"Open your eyes!" Christian Caujolle writes
(summer 2008) in his presentation of Meyer and his work:

"Where are we? What situation are we in as regards photography and images? And as regards photography, our relationship with the world, the representation of the world, reality and the construction of reality when we are merely immersed in processes of perception? And what if all this were merely an illusion? Exploring these issues, which Pedro Meyer does superbly, opens up spheres of freedom, after half a century of creation and forces us to ask questions which, in the end, are of a philosophical nature and affect the essence of things.

The Heresies exhibit opened simultaneously in 60 museums around the world in October 2008.

You will get a very good insight in Pedro Meyer's work by visiting
(English and Spanish). I have spent some time looking at pictures from the "Heresies" - it is a wonderful book. The pictures seen here - dated 1981 and 2006 - indicates the importance of this book in terms of
presenting a photographer's work over a period of several decades.

Destino inciento, 2006 Pingyao, China Original digital © Pedro Meyer

De la Madrid's Mask Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 1981 © Pedro Meyer


Anonymous said…
Both pictures are fantastic. I am thinking about the photo of the man in Beijing with destiny unknown, the coulors, the way of using a the digital technique - fabolous.
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Hello man!

It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!