Five photographs - Lasse Mellberg

Photo ©Lars Mellberg

I have only met Lasse once - it was in Uppsala autumn 2007. But I know him from his photography - and we also have had some conversations keyboard to keyboard. Take your time to enjoy these five excellent photographs by Lars Mellberg. I am very happy to see you here on 591 Lasse.

Photo ©Lasse Mellberg

Lasse Mellberg


Lives in: Biskops Arnö, Sweden
Latest Exibition: winter 2007 Fotokompaniet Gothenburg, Sweden

Coming planned: 2009 Fotokompaniet Gothenburg, Sweden

Inspiration Photographers: Julia Margret Cameron, Craig Annan, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Robert Frank, William Mortensen, Walker Evans, Man Ray, Sune Jonsson…..

Inspiraton others;  
Writers: Wilhelm Moberg, Pär Lagerkvist, John Berger, Susan Sontag Music; Rahib Abou – Kahil, John Surman, John Coltrane, Taj Mahal  

Printmakers and Painters; Borje Sandelin, Vincent Van Gogh, Akselin Gallen-Kalella, Hugo Simberg, Anisch Kapoo.

Lasse adds: "
I work as a teacher in a Folk High School. and I love photography since childhood, I work in different styles, documentary and a kind of My Own Diary. I love exploring different cameras and techniques."

Mr Urbano adds. Happy Birthday Lasse!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful pictures performed by an artist who really knows what he is doing.
Great to see your work here Lasse!