591 Exhibition - Joakim Strömholm

Tom Waits at PA&Co in Stockholm 1986, Photo © Joakim Strömholm

I went to g
alleri ikon where Joakim Strömholm was holding a "finissage
" of his exhibition "Looking Back". I asked a young woman, who was serving wine and snacks, if Joakim was around. He had just left the building for a couple a minutes, so I exchanged a few words with the young woman.

It turned out that she was Joakim´s daughter Sarah and of course the grand daughter of Christer Strömholm. It was a bit of magic to meet her and speak a few words about her father and grandfather - two great photographers that I admire. I asked Sarah if she was planning a career as a photographer - she smiled and said "probably not, in any case it is quite a challenge to walk in the footsteps of granddad and father."

Bruce Springsteen, Stockholm 1981 © Joakim Strömholm

It was my first meeting with Joakim although we had exchanged some emails earlier on. We spoke about his pictures - it is like walking through the history of rock seeing Joakim´s photos of legendary artists like Bob Dylan, BB King, Chuck Berry, Tom Waits etc. There is something about Joakim´s pictures that make them special - they are not only meetings with world celebrities -somehow Joakim manages to capture the artist´s character on stage (and in some cases at a hotel or elsewhere)

Photo © Anna Nilsdotter
Joakim Strömholm
Born: 1947
Lives in: Stockholm, south of France and Paris
Latest exhibition: Looking Back - galleri ikon, Stockholm
Coming, planned exhibition: Bêtes de scène - School Gallery, Paris
Inspiration (photographers): Edouard Boubat, Angelica Julner, Anders Petersen
Inspiration (other): Nina Hagen, Bob Marley, Johan Tell (writer), Chaplin,
Anna Karlson (illustrator)
Film, digital or both: Digital since 2004. "I miss TRI-X and long nights in the darkroom!"
Quote: "Blunda och se" (Close your eyes and see) - Christer Strömholm

A favourite photograph: The crawling baby with car by Angelica Julner
Homepage: www.stromholm.se

Exhibition ended Dec 29, 2008

It is a pleasure to present 16 of the images from "Looking Back" as an 591 Exhibition. Joakim Strömholm will soon open his exhibition in Paris, France. More about that later on 591.


Mikael said…
Great feeling and presence!
I went to see your exibition at IKON, very good. Some of them are classics.
br said…
great work...an unusual sense of intimacy. !
Rhonda Boocock said…
wonderful images, you can sense the connection with the subject