591 Exhibition - Markus Andersson

Photo © Markus Andersson

The photos I'm showing are part of the project Lágamál which is a personal reflection in the form of a visual poem. The title means approximately "The sayings of the low one" and the name is inspired by the Viking age poem "Hávamál – The sayings of the high one". Lágamál is an ongoing project and at the moment the poem consists of one verse and each verse consists of 40 pictures.
- Markus Andersson

Markus Andersson is one of Sweden's most talented photographers. I am happy to have seen his progress for five years or so - and it is significant. Markus is an archaeologist by profession - as a photographer he seems to have transformed his knowledge of ancient cultures into a passionate search for the signs of our times. He has commited himself to listen to the sayings of the low one's. It is a beautiful and important mission. In a time dominated by the high one's vision of the world and our communities - isn't it about time to change that perspective?

Markus has hand-printed the first verse as Polymer Photogravure's - they are bound into a book. The book was exhibited at Frölunda Kulturhus, Gothenburg, as a part of the exhibition Exit/Enter. Markus is planning to make a traditional offset-printed edition as soon as he is ready with the second verse. The book needs funding and Markus is looking for a solution.Markus Andersson
Born: 1976
Lives in: Mölndal, Sweden
Latest exhibition: At Fotokompaniet in Gothenburg together with Anders Blomqvist and Fredrik Skott
Coming, planned exhibition: Karlskoga konsthall, early 2011
Inspiration (photographers): Josef Koudelka, Gunnar Smoliansky,
Inspiration (other): Music (the Mountain Goats, Leonard Cohen…and so on…), Poetry (Fredrik Nyberg, Tomas Tranströmer…) walking around
Film, digital or both: Film for my personal work and digital for the wallet.
A favourite photograph: Probably a different one every day


Anonymous said…
I realy like this late pictures!
Riktigt bra detta tycker jag och kul också att lite på avstånd tagit del av din resa Markus. Du går från klarhet till klarhet!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful, simply wonderful Markus!
Anonymous said…
Art at it's best !

Anonymous said…
a beautiful low !

Unknown said…
Markus, so strong...pictures!
Anonymous said…

Helt underbara bilder Markus.

Johan Eriksson
GC said…
superb! congrats, Markus!
Lina Nääs said…
Wiiiiih första gången jag ser boken! Shit, den ser helt fantastiskt fin ut. Vilket jobb!