Sophia x 3

Photo ©Sophia Baraket

Photo © Sophia Baraket

Photo © Sophia Baraket
Sophia Baraket
Born: 1983
Lives in: Tunisia
Latest exhibition: 2008-May: Exhibition on « sixth spring of the arts» on La Marsa. Tunis.
2008- March: Exhibition of group « SexYArt », Cultural space El Teatro, Tunis.
2008- January: Exhibition of group « Photo forum », Cultural space El Teatro, Tunis.
Coming, planned exhibition: searching art gallery.
Inspiration (photographers): Henri Cartier-Bresson/ Depardon/ Abbas/ Martin Parr in general all Magnum photographers, I was in training course with them.
Inspiration (other): all Humans, life.
Film, digital or both: film and now digital.
Quote: I already have an I
I do not want to be the other one
I want to be the whole
Not half of the other one
I do not want to be half and to live half


Anonymous said…
Nice pictures, I particularly like the picture in the middle.