James McCracken exhibition in Paris

My coverage of exhibitions "worldwide" will of course be quite limited, but when I come across events that I would like to attend - you will probably find a notice about them here on 591. By coincidence James McCracken is exhibiting in Duplex Bar 25, rue Michel Le Comte located just a few blocks away from the exhibition that I reported about yesterday (on 44, rue Quincampoix ).

So why not have a look at both exhibitions why you are there. Métro Rambuteau.

James says: "In short the history of my mask portraits is "tongue and cheek" look at how we are told what is beautiful and not, without really looking closely for oneself. Through media (magazines, television, advertising, ect), people are struck by the mask, and then intrigued by what or who is underneath.

Many comment on the detail of the personage from belt-buckle to jaw structure and expression. The prints are up to 1,2 meters large and I keep the same mask for each otherwise the project becomes about the disguise."

"Jocky" - ©James McCracken

"The Boy Racer" © James McCracken

James McCracken
Born: 1967 (Glasgow, Scotland)
Lives in: Paris, France
Latest exhibition: Duplex, 25 Rue Michel le Comte, Paris November 2008
Coming,planned exhibition: Galerie Oberkampf, Rue Saint Maur 75011, Paris 14 Dec - 22 Dec 2008
Inspiration (photographers): Eugéne Atget, August Sander, William Eggleston, Imogen Cunningham, Stephan Shore, Gursky
Inspiration (other): Piet Mondrian, Warhol
Film, digital or both: 50 - 50
Quote: "Get A Grip"
A favourite photograph: "Television Studio" by Robert Frank
Homepage/contact: james-mccracken.com


Johan said…
I Like the Idea of Mask Portraits. And the Portraits looks very natural even if the models wear a blue mask! :)
Anonymous said…
I am bloody gorgeous!!
old hand said…
Using the mask without hiding the person is brilliant. It invites the viewer into the picture asking many questions about :
? The subject - who they are, their personality, self image etc
? The photograph - technique, composition, lighting etc.
? The Artist - who is he, his message, what else, his website.
Great to find a blog with quality modern work on display. Best wishes