591 Exhibition - Malin Hellesø

Photo © Malin Hellesø

"My exhibition is about trying to find myself. To find what is my real self, but also the self I have been and the self I am."

Malin leaves me with those words and they keep ringing in my head as I watch her photos appearing like dark brush strokes on the screen. However I want to know more about Malin's current project and I hope to have a short interview with her during the time of her exhibition.

It is strange, we have exhanged some views on photography now and then for over five years - but we have never met. So, it would be great to make a live interview. Malin works as a professional photographer and is married to Terje Hellesø, another great photographer.

Photo © Malin Hellesø

Exhibition ended Jan 10, 2009

Photo © Malin Hellesø
Malin Hellesø
Born: 1971
Lives in: Söderhamn, Sweden
Latest exhibition: Missionskyrkan, Söderhamn 2007
Inspiration (photographers): Anders Petersen, Christer Strömholm, Pieter ten Hoopen, Sune Jonsson, Mikael Bertmar...
Inspiration (other):Music: Pink Floyd, Dream Theater
, Queensrÿche. Film: Ingmar Bergman.
Film, digital or both: both
Homepage/contact: www.helleso.com and malinhelleso.wordpress.com


Susanne said…
Beautiful movements in the photos! I favoured the 8th and second last photo that moved me with its feeling and balance. A well thought-out and focused exhibition that I readily will come back and visit.
Anonymous said…
Superb !!!

Mikael said…
Suggestive and very good Malin
Anonymous said…
Beautiful work Malin and I hope to see much more.

Anonymous said…
Vackra bilder Malin!
Anonymous said…
Fantastiskt fina bilder, sagolikt vackert!

Håkan Strand