591 Exhibition - Gordon Chapman

Photo © Gordon Chapman

Photo © Gordon Chapman

I can't help but think of the great American poet Walt Whitman when seeing Gordon´s pictures:

"Grand is the seen, the light, to me--grand are the sky and stars,
Grand is the earth, and grand are lasting time and space, And grand their laws, so multiform, puzzling, evolutionary; But grander far the unseen soul of me, comprehending, endowing all those,

For some years now I have seen "GC's" photos coming - they
are very dear to me. He often depicts airplanes, vans, trains, boats...heavy machines transporting people and goods...great inventions of man...his photos are often like a road movie... with the grand "unseen soul"
always present.

I am very glad to be able to present a selection of his work on 591 photography. There are many pictures by Gordon that I want to show you, and I am certainly looking forward to more in the future by this grand Canadian friend. Thank you for being here.

Gordon Chapman
Born: 1952

Lives in: Stittsville - a small village outside of Ottawa, Canada
Latest exhibition: Aug-Sept 2008, Gallery 6, Kemptville
Coming, planned exhibition: "dianavision", Spring 2009
Inspiration (photographers): while i love photographers like Josuf Karsh and Diane Arbus it really is my day to day fellow photographers that really ring my chimes. Jeanne Wells, Mr. Urbano, Rhonda Prince, Chris Grandin, Kita McIntosh, Markus Andersson, Tatiana Bitir, Mikael Jansson - and many others in that wonderful community that are so, so inspiring.
Inspiration (other): JJ Cale. Big Mama Thorton. Talking Heads. Tom Waits. Bob Dylan. Jack Kerouac. Alan Ginsberg, Rickie Lee Jones, Key of D Harmonicas, Playing bottleneck guitar after midnight, and, of course, the Diana camera.
Film, digital or both: Mostly film - I seem to have a medium format jones. Diana, a 1937 Rolleicord, and a Bronica SQ-A. I do shoot digital, seem to have found a place that it works for me in macro shots - a Nikon D70 with the Nikkor 60mm micro lens has some very sweet spots.
Quote: "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."
A favourite photograph: Karsh's portrait of Grey Owl.

Exhibition ended January 18, 2009


Anonymous said…
Wonderful exhibition!
Anonymous said…
oh G...I'll just stay here and sigh for awhile! Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said…
A very very good exhibition!
Mikael said…
Wow, some real good shots!
Excellent exhibition!
br said…
it's great to see your exhibition...beautiful work!
Biró Roland said…
Cgrt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
This is Diana Fairy tales !

Anonymous said…
And forgot to tell ...you are an inspiration for me ...great, great inspiration...not only your work...but also the passion for photography !

Unknown said…
Wonderful, give me a warm feeling.
GC said…
Huge thanks to 591 and Mr Urbano for the chance to be here - and thanks to all who dropped in and left such uplifting comments.

Cheers to all
Chris said…
I think you have some shoes that I am in great need of right now...

Great exhibition GC!
Anonymous said…
as always.
Fredrik Skott said…
fantastic images GC, really outstanding!
Baba said…
Hey Big Man, Like the Jesus one.... reminds me of Rio x