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In bad economic times, blame the aged.  They are subverting the future of our youth by working so long, staying in jobs that could go to those just out of college.  Not that we want them to retire.  We can't afford that.  You see?  Those dirty sons of bitches are screwing with society at every turn. States will soon cut the pensions of those who paid into them.  And I mean, what are they going to do about it?  They are old.  They are weak.  They are half mad with Alzheimer's.  The best thing we can do is put them back to work at a minimum wage.  And cut their medical benefits.  Medical care is only prolonging the inevitable.  

Times being what they are, it would be far cheaper to simply load them up on LSD and let them loose in a forest somewhere, or perhaps on the tundra.  Old Eskimos knew what to do.  Fuck the Sunset Years.  Nobody wants to look at them anyway.  Have you tried watching Andy Rooney on "60 Minutes" lately? 

It has been so easy for the rich to convince people that this is the root of our economic woes.  I've broken out my exercise booklet, and you had better, too.  You need to stay fit.  Times are hard.  I recommend this one, a bargain at a quarter.  Or, perhaps, I'll give you a new series.
Published with the kind permission of the cafe owner. You should visit this place - probably the best read you can get out there. Cafe Selavy
- Mr Urbano


Jan Bernhardtz said…
My favourite cafe too though I've never tasted the coffee.
cafe selavy said…
I'm awfully flattered : )