a long walk on a short pier

I can't tell you much about my pictures. There is no concept or hidden agenda behind them. I just snap and go.
I prefer shooting with toy or pinhole cameras, and sometimes with other tools from the photographic stone age.
They are light, cheap and easy to operate, so one does not need to worry too much about technical stuff.
Negatives are printed in a wet darkroom the old fashioned way, which is exciting but also the most time consuming process of taking pictures.



Fritsch said…
A long walk that gets better with every mile. What amazing compositions & thanks Walter for showing a new viewing experience. Great!

All the best & safe travels, fritsch.
tiefgutes bildwerk.
danke fürs zeigen!
great work, beautiful tones and light!!
Tiberio Fanti said…
These photographs are splendid!
I'll spend for sure some time wandering about his website.
Mr Urbano said…
Very good
you are using the centre of the frame in a consequent and excellent way in this series
br said…
beautiful photos!
J. M. Golding said…
Beautiful use of light and a wonderful sense of balance and stability in these photos!
Mikael said…
Mmm...what a delight!
Christian S. said…
Thank You for Your nice comments!