alles dreht sich. ° everything turns.

One year ago Wolfgang Gschwendtner (Woifi) asked me to take photos of him, while working for the last time in his woodturning-studio. It's impressive how much power you need for this art.
I love the smell of the fresh wood - the sound of the machine - and the wonderful results of his work. Woodturning is an allegory to life. It was an honour to do this shooting for a good friend.

kerstin kuntze



Das Innerste.


Der Sehgehilfe.

Fühl mich.


In the meantime everything turned and woifi is now working in his own photostudio.
woifis website

maybe you like to see more of my work
kerstin kuntze - blog


Mr Urbano said…
you have a great eye for details Kerstin
the little curl is fabolous
a very fine portrait of the artist
danke ulf ;)
Balogh Anita said…
Ich fühle mich der Geruch von Holz...:) und alles dreht sich wirklich...
votka said…
"the sound of the machine"
but on the photos it seems so silent and all together filled with emotions. Very Nice!
Unknown said…
so viele Jahre gedrechselt, das Ende hat sich nun in einer versönlichen,
gemeinsamen Aktion manifestiert:)
Danke an Dich Kerstin, Deine Drechselbilder haben für mich einen ganz besonderen Wert.
br said…
strong, documentary photos!!!
Mikael said…
Very nice work, great details!