„utopian burlesque" by Judit Keglovics

Judit Keglovics is a young, Hungarian photographer. The first time I saw her pictures, a methapor ran through my mind: „utopian burlesque”. The presence of the lively, energetic, sometimes grotesque portrayal are vague references to the already much disscused communist period as well. Her lively pictures are delightful. Serenity, playfulness, with an occasional flick can be seen in her impressions.
I want to offer some of this, receive it with interest!   Anita Balogh


Mr Urbano said…
Thanks Anita - I have received the pictures with great interest.
To Judit - the first picture is masterful, unexcepted, unconventional and above all beautiful

Your work is great and I hope you will show us more!
Altnőder Emese said…
Judit the best:)
br said…
very interesting and excellent work!!!
what a wonderful
normal world.
great pictures!
Rhonda Boocock said…
A wonderful series...enjoyed all of them. Would like to see more of Judit's photographs!
Bernt Carlzon said…
Amazing work Judit!
Simon Johansson said…
great shots! my favorite is the first one.
holhos tamás said…
Excellent collection,i like them all!!
votka said…
First of all, many many thanks to Anita for the opportunity, and to all of you for the nice and positive feedbacks. My appreciation!
Regards, Judit :)
Mikael said…
strong and very good