the power of a photograph

Alexander Rodchenko, Lily Brik.
Portrait for the poster Knigi, 1924,
© A. Rodchenko, V. Stepanova Archive,
Moscow House of Photography Museum.
Lilya Yur'evna Brik (alternatively spelled Lili or Lily, Russian: Лиля Юрьевна Брик; November 11 [O.S. October 30] 1891 - August 4, 1978) is known best as a muse of Vladimir Mayakovsky. She was an older sister of Elsa Triolet and wife of Osip Brik. Pablo Neruda called her "muse of Russian avant-garde".

Plakat Alexander Rodchenko "Books".
The Board for the Leningrad branch of
the State publishing house «Gosizdat». 1924
Reproduction Private collection
© DACS 2008 © Rodchenko archives

A sticker at the local bus stop, January 2011. It says "Fight"
Photo © Mr Urbano


Valeria said…
very good, thats very creative.
paulboo said…
Rodchenko is certainly one of my favourite photographers, very impressive images and visually inspiring.
Simon Johansson said…
interesting. copyright issues, anyone? :)