Thinking Spots

These are "samples" I took with my falling apart and half blind mobile phone on the island of Branno, few months ago. I use to make these short journeys on ferry boats from Saltholmen peer, in west end of Goteborg, when I'm lucky enough to have a couple of hours left before sunset. Ferries and small islands become my thinking spots. I can't find better places to meet myself alone.

Photographs, (C) Tiberio Fanti

Behind the glass of the small red wooden cabin on the highest top of Branno an open book, two candles, a window, an island, then another island and the ocean.
How comes this kind of relic, half scrap of plastic, metal, Ni-Cd & silicon is still able to give me emotions?


Mr Urbano said…
I wonder if you have heard the song Det var dans på Brännö brygga ;)

Koss va´de´vimlar av segel i da´
Ä´det kappsegling? Ne de´ä lörda´.

Yes, a great mood in the pictures
it is not the device you use to create the picture that matters it is the intention and the person behind the device

Paolo Saccheri said…
these two are beautiful!
I like the idea of the second one, trying to imagine the person of whom I can only see the hair and the look she/he must have through the lighty hole of the window.
Sehraeuber said…
Very fine work, love the mood!
Mikael said…
Yes wonderful mood, tranquil!