Final call: 591 Spring Exhibition - "Images of Men and Women"

There are three categories for your submissions:

Men and Women
Men and women together in in same photo. No specific gender has to be behind the camera, in other words both male and female photographers can send in photos to this category as long as both men and women are shown in it. Get creative and send us your best shots!
- Mikael Jansson
I will be glad to receive your contribution to this extraordinary 591 Spring Exhibition. Only male photographers can participate in this category. Iconic at any time, woman has been a preferred subject in painting and photography. I would like to see your personal interpretations and points of view.
- Paolo Saccheri
A man’s face is his autobiography… (Oscar Wilde)

Female photographers only:  How do women portray men in photographs? Let’s explore the feminine viewpoint of the male species. Working, playing or just posing, please send in your photographs of male subjects
- Rhonda Prince
The final selection will be made by Rhonda, Mikael, Paolo and by Mr Urbano. We will make a selection with equal number of pictures from each category.

The pictures submitted should be max 800 pixels width/height, 72 dpi and jpg. 

Please be sure to have a high resolution/print quality original backed up if you are interested in participating in possible future book or print projects.

Deadline for submissions is 6 February ( max 5 photos per category )
The exhibition will go online 19 March, 2011

Send to:
Men and Women :