ordinary people by Tamás Holhos

Tamás Holhos
 in the first 21 years of activity: professional sport.
 swimming instructorfolk crafts instructorboiler mechanicreactor maintenance.
 Mediterranean culinary, photography, decanting, garden, grill, sea, RetsinaMetaxajasszaszefaristoparakhalokalinikta-:)

Take a look at the work of Tamás Holhos, an excellent Hungarian photographer. These few photographs are just a teaser from the material which brought lately a big success for Tamás's exhibition. 

His photographs show emotional intelligence, deliberation, one reason for that could be the high school years raised on analogue technique. Versatility, imagination, humor in the situations created with intention, at the same time in one-one topic his attracting and shocking characterisation rise recognition.   Anita Balogh

 „Most of the following photographs were made in 1992, at a “student home”. At that time I used to work there as a replacing dad for the kids rose by the government. Very simply you can see kids and people who although that they had a hard line, were often laughing.” Tamás Holhos


Várday Béla said…
Excellent works!
Sehraeuber said…
great story-telling pictures!
Michael W said…
paulboo said…
Completely delightful, a joy to see on a dark and chilly evening, very warming images :o)
Mr Urbano said…
Oh yes Tamás, excellent portraits of ordinary people doing not so ordinary things ;)
Jurek Holzer said…
These are truly excellent pictures.
holhos tamás said…
I would like to thank to Anita the opportunity of the introduction.
And thank to everybody the comments.
Best wishes.
Mr Urbano said…
I love to here one of my favourite songs along with the photos
Ausencia by Goran Bregovic as sung by the great Cesaria
I love the sexy boy ;)))))))
great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
Valery Rizzo said…
The fourth photograph is an amazing photograph, with the child jumping? hanging? flying?
votka said…
Great photos! I love them all :)
Congratulation :)
Vedres Ági said…
Tamás, megható, megható.
Mikael said…
Super, love it!