Harlem an Ongoing Project - Maria Christiansson

Photos © Maria Christiansson

"Suddenly I find myself in a place where all my senses are open. I’m excited, I’m absorbed and I’m spellbound. That’s the closest description I can think of, when I try to tell you how I felt the first time I visited Harlem in 2004. Back then I was met by large billboards with Adidas Advertisements - Muhammad Ali fights in the “slum”. Under the billboard is a shoe repair and next to it a sign says “Checks Cashed”. It’s Sunday and many people are in church. It’s closed and locked up. Harlem is about to change.

A few years later. Some of the old architecture has been replaced with new, modern buildings. In the papers we read about the hip restaurants and the changing face of Harlem. Again I can feel how the adrenalin rushes through me: At last, I’m back! Once again, I feel thrilled and fascinated and full of desire. A desire to take pictures." - Maria Christiansson


If you're in Stockholm - make sure to visit Maria's great exhibition at Marie Laveau (8/1 - 5/2), Hornsgatan 66.


Mr Urbano said…
Excellent series Maria
Thanks for sharing
One can see that you love harlem!
I love the colours ;)