photo © Ulf Fågelhammar


Simon Johansson said…
escalator to heaven? :)
nice shot
Balogh Anita said…
good shot!!!!
Tiberio Fanti said…
I ... must ... have ... something like ... some ... ...
Anyway, lucky you. You have a lot of time for thinking and watching, going up and down on those long escalators in SH.
Rhonda Boocock said…
have you seen the stairs that play music in order to tempt people to take the stairs rather than the escalators? Great photo
auf der suche nach
somewhere over the rainbow.
Vedres Ági said…
it's a perfect shot, I like the faces
br said…
great!! the faces, the faces!!!!
Mr Urbano said…
glad you like the photo
it is a picture that I was about to trash as useless after looking at the negative - don't know why I scanned it anyway.
well, the I spotted the many faces...and the ray of light cutting through the blacks...thanks
photo taken in Barcelona..