a Squale in New York

I recently found a fine little book, "New York City" by Squale, a young photographer, and went through it with great surprise.
The book is beautifully published through Blurb in the smaller dimension, paperback, yellowish paper normally used for guides. 9 euro its cheap price.
Nonetheless the black and white images melt their grays through the yellow paper and their visible grain and deep blacks give a punch to the view, leaving you the pleasure of being in front of a wonderful body of work enhanced by that "poor print quality" that is, in reality, very well studied and chosen.
Please, enjoy the view. All images come from the book.

"Squale is a french photographer mostly working in the field of street photography. Influenced by the ‘decisive moment’ philosophy of street photography, his images, however, reflect the traces of human presence, rather than the depiction of human life in a documentary style. Also influenced by japanese photobook culture, he uses this medium to distribute his images. Working with film cameras (medium and large format), he is, like many others today, an analog soul lost in an a digital world."

text and photos copyright Squale

Squale Photography website


Tiberio Fanti said…
I think NY photographs should be classified in a different category: there's a special flavours in them, even when no skyscrapers, parks and skylines are in frame.
Mr Urbano said…
there is so much great photography out there - I am glad that we can show pictures like this to our audience
exellent work Squale
and thanks Paolo
Fritsch said…
Agreeing Tiberio that these have a special flavour. Such a great & intense play with light & shadows that left me breathless. Spendid work & thanks for Paolo for sharing them.

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.
Mikael said…
Nice work
Balogh Anita said…
Excellent work! Congratulations!