Kerstin Kuntze - new Author of 591.

Today I jump into this blog as an author. Thank you Ulf Fågelhammar for giving me the chance to be part of wonderful 591 - great pictures and artists!

I was born 1965 in Cologne - now living in Frankfurt (Germany). After studying graphic-design at the the Universtity of Essen (Folkwangschule), I worked in mayor advertising agencies as an art-director. Now I'm a freelance Graphic-Designer and Mother of 3 children.

Picturemaking was always an inward urge.
Starting as a kid with "always drawing" -
now using photography melted with graphic infusion.Trying to find something inside that wants to see the light.
My pictures show emotions from deep black to glowing red.
Sometimes they are really disturbing - sometimes really smooth.

Always looking for a language to show my view of the world.
The visual language of every artist is different - I love to see the world of other photographers - and now I'm not only able to see but also to show some of them in this forum.

Thanks again - I'm really glad to be here with you all ;)
Kerstin Kuntze

Kerstin Kuntze's colourful and creative pictures are a treat and I am glad to see her expanding her space and entering this one. It is journey you have entered Kerstin. It feels good to have you as a partner on our travel in the universe of photography exploring our inner selves and the material world out there. A warm welcome! - Mr Urbano


Mikael said…
A big Welcome to the 591 universe!!!

kkuntze said…
thank you mikael!
I'm really glad to be here with you all....yesssssssss ;)))))
Rhonda said…
Welcome Kerstin! I love the way you blend reality with imagination in your photographs! Beautiful work!
br said…
welcome to space flight 591 !!! your work is wonderful!!!
kkuntze said…
rhonda & beatriz ...I really appreciate your warm welcome !!
I feel really goood tonight ;))))
Walter Neiger said…
A warm welcome Kerstin, looking forward to seeing more!
kkuntze said…
danke walter ;)
habe mir gerade deinen blog angeschaut...mag deine art sehr!
Balogh Anita said…
Hallo Kerstin!

Ich finde deine Bildern ausgezeichnet!Viel Erfolg wünsche ich in der Zukunft auch!

Mfg, Anita :)
kkuntze said…
liebe anita - köszönöm!!!!
João de Sousa said…
Like poetry in motion, within shadows and lights.


kkuntze said…
thank you joão!!!
I enjoy each of your words ;)
paolo saccheri said…
Ciao Kerstin!!!
kkuntze said…
ciao paolo ;)
Sono lieto di essere qui!
Tiberio Fanti said…
Hi Kerstin,
sorry to be so late ...
here I am at last to say:

kkuntze said…
gracie tiberio ;)