Martinkó Márk - Urban Theories

You can see some pictures from one of my excellent photographer friend, Márk Martinkó, his pictures could be even an ethnographic description about the today 's urbanized people.
Márk has a perfect sense to present, that our behaviors, only depend on our geographic locations, and time we living...Such we are.

Urban Theories
(2009 - )
The following pictures are fragments from my photo series, Urban Theories which is entetaining the human nature of the citizens. All the scenes are confined to public places which are especial meeting points. In cities, just as in nature’s flora and fauna, different living groups come to life. However, here it happens within the same species and it is not generated by evolution but competition and difference in values.
In big cosmopolitan cities these large separated groups tend to create themselves a convenient environment in a more or less direct way. They mark their territories where they feel at home, where they fit, where they can hide.
Breaking off a piece of reality, one’s mind starts to make associations. Light, forms and signs become parts of people. Their justifiable or unjustifiable existence is explained in the given environment.
The aim of the series is to show the special constellation of human and environment.
Márk Martinkó


Mr Urbano said…
your point about human and environment is crystal clear in the second picture
I am thinking about the human almost like an animal trying to cope with the environment
I like your colors - the first picture is special
good to see all your photos Márk
and thanks Anita
Márk said…
Thank you Ulf!
It's a real pleasure to be here with my photos!
I love the idea and the picutures....
just had a look on your blog...
a big treasure ;)

thank you anita for showing this mindopener!
Rhonda Boocock said…
thought-provoking, excellent series!
dick said…
probably an infinite challenge to make photos out of; I have had vague related thoughts so for me this is intriguing
Love your work...Thanks for sharing!!
holhos tamás said…
Congratulations Mark, These are my favorites from all of your photographs.
It's good to see them again here.
Paolo Saccheri said…
great images.

Mikael said…
Super theories, hope to see more here
Márk said…
thank you all!!!
juditny said…
amazing series!
congrats, Márk!