Flashback - Why 591?

Article from the opening day of 591 Photography, 9 Nov 2008

In 1905 Alfred Stieglitz rented a studio at 291 Fifth Avenue, New York City. It was to become a famous art gallery simply known as Gallery 291. The gallery closed down in 1917. In January the same year Francis Picabia presented the first issue of the Dada periodical 391 in Barcelona, Spain.

So far we are on track...but then there is no 491 until 1964, as far as I know. The Swedish film 491 caused a lot of debate. I was in fact to young to remember or allowed to see the film. But as you understand that number is taken as well.

How about 591 then? Obviously, I had to do some research and here are a few things that I found:
Highway 591 is an 8 kilometre road in the Thunder Bay District of Northwestern Ontario. Maryland 591 is also called Porters Bridge Road. California Penal Code section 591 is kind of interesting... Read more

Numbers can be magic. I am sometimes looking for the combination 5 9 1 on houses, registration plates, containers etc. So far I have not been too succesful in finding the right numbers. I think I need some help. Should you come across the combination 591, please send me an email with the picture. - Mr Urbano


An excellent challenge! I'll keep my eyes open....
paulboo said…
So now the mystery is solved, I too will keep a look out.