Exhibition: Unplugged by Henrik Isaksson Garnell in Istanbul

Curator and art historian Nina Grundemark describes this young and highly successful artist as follows: "The Swedish photographer Henrik Isaksson Garnell captures images that combine science and nature. The manipulated images make the 24-year-old part artist, part mad scientist. The Stockholm-based artist is more than just a photographer. He is a talented inventor, sculptor, and art visionary. Instead of taking photographs of ordinary items found in nature, he distorts them and creates entirely new life forms.

You have met Henrik here on 591 Photography. I am glad to hear about the exhibition and I am sure it will be succesful. - Mr Urbano

Date: 28.01.2011 – 26.03.2011
Place SODA, Istanbul : www.sodaistanbul.com

Also included in the exhibition is a video installation, as well as, an original sculpture that the artist made combining natural organisms like octopus, eggplant and skeleton with cables and wires creating "new life forms" that could easily be from a sci-fi movie.