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Born in 1948 in Lenggries in the middle of the Bavarian mountains.
A wild curious boy who loves to draw pictures - then became a sculptor and wood turner. Since decades accompanied from the camera, this has become my main instrument to show what I'm curious about - what I love in this world. People and Stills, which only don't fit on the first moment, are my main motives ... on the street, in the studio, or in the theatre.
I like the work of Avedon, Man Ray, Cartier Bresson or Steichen. To see the world through the eyes of other photographers feels like a great present.


Wolfgang Gschwendtner - called "Woifi" is a real good friend of mine,
whom I've always admired for his loving view on the world....
his pictures are loveletters to mankind and everyday life.
I hope you like his work as much as I do.


Balogh Anita said…
...die Präsentation ist sehr gut. Einfach klasse!!!! Ich hab natürlich die Seite auch bewundert...
Wünsch Dir weiterhin vile Erfolg!
Mr Urbano said…
I can see the great love of creating pictures in your work. Joyful, dynamic and a pleasure to explore!

thanks Kerstin (KK) for presenting WoifiArt
br said…
great! thank you!
Fritsch said…
Brilliant, just brilliant. A viewing pleasure & so one of a kind. Great! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.
Rhonda Boocock said…
Wonderful series of photographs!
Kattl said…
These are really amazing! Great work!
SIndy said…
...einfach wunderbar, diese Fotos und auch der Fotograph :-) Weiter so Woifi - wir lieben Dich <3 Sindy
Unknown said…
schön mich hier zu sehen
und schön Durch Dich hierher gekommen zu sein.
Mikael said…
Anonymous said…
Detrás de sus imágenes
siempre hay un corazón
que nos habla,
no necesita palabras
para escucharlo.

©Serena Ondina

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