The art of Ruth Kumpernatz.

Born in 1947 in Arnsberg, Germany. I always wanted to become a painter. My parents and teachers were convinced about my talents when I started to paint blue birds at the age of 8 years.

In 2007 I got in touch with digital photography and started to edit photos. As I had to cope with a serious disease I decided not to submit the usual photographic rules and simply make pictures my way.  My favorite photographers are Lee Miller, Man Ray, Lillian Bassman, Paul Himmel, Annie Leibovitz ... and others

Motto: It's all a question of viewing and ... sometimes it must be different.

Ruth is a great person with so much courage and strength.
She breathes in pictures
and has found, what most artists are looking for:
an own special language to show her world - inside - out.
Her pictures are full of emotions - even the geometrical ones.
I admire her for the strong use of colour and forms....
she's found a unique way to work on photography.
And by the way I think she's a really wonderful person.

Maybe you'll like Ruth and her photoGraphic world as much as I do.

kerstin kuntze


Balogh Anita said…
Liebe Ruth..dein Arbeit sieht super toll aus!:)Viel Erfolg wünsch ich in der Zukunft auch!
Unknown said…
ihre Art ist für mich immer wieder so intensiv, sie sehen zu dürfen ist ein Geschenk, so wie ihre Freundschaft auch !
ganz liebe Grüße
Mr Urbano said…
I look outside my window is dark, grey
and then I look at the monitor of my Ma..(no ads!) what Ruth presents to us. What a sparkling feast of colors and forms! It is refreshing
Tiberio Fanti said…
Having shown Ruth's works here is a great plus. I'm really happy of your choice, Kerstin.
br said…
fabulous work!!! breaking out of traditional photo rules to express something more!!
Gevelliny said…
in jeder Hinsicht !
Besondere Grüße
Mikael said…
Imagniative and good
Unknown said…
danke Ruth,
dass du so farbenfrohes zeigst in einer doch eher grauen welt !
freue mich stets, neue bilder von dir zu sehen !
wir sehen uns .... glg Barbara