I see snow

Stockholm today.
Photo Mr D-urbano


Sehraeuber said…
what a wonderful soft saddle :)
When an image like this actually makes you feel cold, then you know it's done its job! I rarely experience snow like this, so it's really wonderful to feel the image as well as just see it.
Mikael said…
Yeah a lot of snow here now, maybe it will break last year
Rhonda Boocock said…
you see snow...and not much else! Beautiful!
paulboo said…
We had the coldest December for one hundred years apparently, a little snow came with it and of course it paralysed the country again!
Dont't know what we'd do with this much snow.... Brrr!! Feel chilly looking at it like Michael.
Simon Johansson said…
nice shot! this is not a black & white photo. this is... eh... eh... a white photo. :)

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