I see Ice

Tiberio´s and Simon's posts made me think of movies and ice ( yes!) The first film I ever watched at a real cinema saloon was "I see Ice" starring George Formby. 

It was breathtaking. The truth is that I had seen many films at the local photographer's store. He used to show Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy to the kids. And he did not charge a penny. To watch "Ice of Man" cost 1 Swedish krona. Sonja took us to the cinema in her Wolkswagen model 1950. On the windscreen of the car was a small poster saying "Öland - solen och vindarnas ö."

All of this happened around 1957-1958. How time flies. - Mr Urbano
I see Ice starring George Formby


paulboo said…
Showing your age Mr Urbano!? I remember his films of course, very good comedies, innocent fun.