Photos © Simon Johansson

Most of us are carrying an image of how we would like to present ourselves. And right or wrong, we stick to it. But some people have the courage to rip that self image apart and then glue it together in a new daring way.

When Greta Garbo was asked "If you ever wanted to make a comeback, give us a hint of what you would like to do. Do you want to play an actress, a spy, a coquette, a scientist?". She answered "A clown. A male clown".


Mr Urbano said…
you have started to create an exhibition or a book with "Hidden"
Sometimes it is all about organizing what you already have photographed
- it is all about intention as Elliott Erwitt said comparing R. Frank and A. Adams. yep
Simon Johansson said…
true. i may need more than ten pics or so for a book though... :)