Permanent exhibition: Somewhere in Europe - Anita Balogh

This is one of my favourite pictures from Anita´s great exhibition "Somewhere in Europe". You can now enjoy it as a permanent exhibition

I want that the substance would return my approach, with which I could reflect my humanist and anthropocentric interest. I think a picture can't be ends in itself, you take pictures not only for yourself, one of the greatest value of Photography, is to provide aesthetic and emotional experinces for others, by our own insight. 

The most interesting thing, that our experinces, what we store in a picture, will induce a story in our audiences. Photography is fantastic! I think, the people who are curious, will always change and evolve, in their work and in their way of expression. 
- Anita Balogh 

I have many favourite pictures in this show by Hungarian photographer Anita Balogh. There is a street scene depicting children, bicycles, an alley and some elderly people. I really love the mood of that sequence and the cinematic feeling. The pictures speak to me about childhood, the passing time, leaving something behind. Strong and moving. - Mr Urbano

All photos © Anita Balogh 


a touching pictureworld with
so much soul inside.
I really love your view on life.
wunderbare anitabilder,
die auch viel über die macherin aussagen.
liebe gruesse
Balogh Anita said…
Great honor for me that this is a permanent exhibition .Many thanks Ulf!

Liebe Kerstin..danke, ich freue mich sehr!Wenn jemanden fotografiert, macht immer "Geständnisse" :)
Such a wonderful exhibition Anita! The depth, the tones, and the timelessness of the images are a joy to view. Even the images from a familiar place such as Prague are new to me again through your vision. Truly outstanding, and many thanks to you and 591 for sharing this work!
Anonymous said…
Well done, individual vision does make it to the surface.
br said…
excellent photos! the photos tell many stories and are full of meanings and poetry. great!!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
beautiful, beautiful, exhibit Anita...congratulations!