Vintage Photo Days

My Great grandfather's (maternal grandmother's father) factory in the East End of London. He is standing just to the right of centre, next to the people standing on the table.

My Great Grandfather (maternal grandmother's father)

Great-Uncle Reuben (Rubé), maternal grandmother's brother.
Photo taken at a studio in Bruxelles, WW2.

My maternal grandfather is sitting behind the drums, bass drum has RA 59th Tank Busters, with what looks like a griffin or dragon.
Reverse of photo has pencilled January 1945 (Hanover)

Maternal Grandfather.
Photo dated on back 27th July 1935.

Maternal Grandfather.
Photo dated on back 5 April 1941

Maternal Grandfather, bottom right of picture. WW2 Army unit.

Maternal grandparents. Photo undated, possible during or just after WW2. Pebble beach, possibly Brighton? Absolutely no idea why he is wearing a suit!
Images sent in by Barrie Star in London.


mrurbano said…
wow - absolutely amazing photos
thanks Barrie
you should keep sending vintage photos
Rhonda Boocock said…
I enjoyed all of these...especially the man in his suit on the beach!