Vintage Photo Days

Fancy Family Dinner - My Grandma Lee (far right) and my Grandpa Lou (next to her)

Grocery store - My Grandpa Lou in his grocery store in Washington D.C

Lots of guys - with one young lady.  My Granpa Lou is top row, far right

My Grandpa Lou - (far left) at a promotion for Country Club Malt Liquor
Last summer when I visited with my Dad, we went through old photos.  I found some gems, taken from event photographers, of my paternal Grandpa Lou, who died when I was young.
These are a few of Grandpa Lou's pictures, in honor of his memory.  They are most likely from the 1940s.

The above four pictures sent in by Phil Decker in the United States. 


mrurbano said…
these are wonderful pictures Phil
thanks for sharing
br said…
great family photos, Phil!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
a good way to honor his memory!!!!
paulboo said…
The one of your Dad in the shop is great Phil, he was obviously happy in his work.