Self-Portrait with Jewish Nose Wandering in a Gentile World - James Friedman

Worrying, 1997
 Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Ohio, 1997

Self-Portrait with Jewish Nose Wandering in a Gentile World began on April 7, 1955 when I witnessed our family's dog hanging from a pole in our backyard. Proudly claiming responsibility for the lynching were anti-Semitic German neighbors who, during the next decade would not only set our house on fire, but would also damage it with gunfire. 

 April 8, 1955

The lynching inspired me to an act of defiance on the very next day when I felt compelled to take a self-portrait. Although I didn't realize it until many years later, that self-portrait, made when I was five years old, was the initial photograph in this lifelong series.
- James Friedman

This series really got my attention. All of the pictures describe in different ways what James experienced as a child. He fights back against discrimination and xenophobia using a great sense of humour and I think it works just perfect. - Mr Urbano

 The Great Lakes Medieval Faire, Rock Creek, Ohio, 2001
 Toledo Zoo, Toledo, Ohio, 2000
Old West Festival
Between Mt. Orab and Williamsburg, Ohio, 2000
Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Ohio, 2000
July 4, 2000
 Northport, New York, 2000

 Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Ohio, 1998
Photos © James Friedman


br said…
a great story and a creative response to violence and discrimination. your work tells a story that should be seen and heard!
so much more than just "nice" pictures....I really admire jims work!
Phil Decker said…
Oy Vey! I like how your images are a visual metaphor for a Jewish dilemna ... being both an insider and an outsider, at the same time.