Vintage Photo Days - The Album

 photo by Walter Neiger

First of all - thank you Paul for setting up this show. Your editing of all these vintage photos has been a treat. You brought a touch of magic to this amazing set of pictures. Thank you dear friends and readers of 591 Photography who have contributed with old pictures found in family albums, bought on flea markets or found in an alley of Buenos Aires. Thanks for watching and commenting.

 from Rhonda Prince

I want to encourage you to keep sending vintage photos to our regular email-addresses. While you are at it why not have a look at our previous "Days". Soon you will be able to enjoy "Children's Days" on 591 and here is a hint; there will be "Beach Days" later this summer. So grab your camera whenever going to a beach. More about that later.

from Barrie Star


Rhonda Boocock said…
This was a great series! Thanks to Paul and all the contributors and to the photographers of the past who give us inspiration.
Sehraeuber said…
Paul, you did a fine job with excellent stuff.