591 Exhibition: Less is More - Robert Rutoed

 „In 'Less Is More' I philosophise about God and the universe. And about what you can leave out without being left with nothing." (Robert Rutoed) 

 "I feel more affinity to anarchy and contradiction than to reason and sense. For that hundredth of a second, the protagonists in my photographs are my comrades-in-arms."
- Robert Rutoed

Some fine remarks about Robert Rutoed's work:

Sometimes what's right in front of us is far more interesting and absurd than anything a fimmaker or artist can create. Austrian photographer, Robert Rutoed, looks at the those fleeting and small moments where the juxtaposition or confluence of events create a bizarre and sort of wonderful result. (Aline Smithson, Lenscratch)

„Is there a second chance for the immediacy of the moment? There is – in fact, not more or less, but according to the motto: Less is more! Robert Rutoed created a bizarre (visual) archive within the scope of this photo project. Every image relates a very personal story and is history.“ (Christine Dobretsberger)

I like the approach of Robert Rutoed - he would perhaps agree with William Eggleston saying "I am at war with the obvious" or with Christer Strömholm; "I'm prepared to simply be there and to be available and receive the reality I meet. And the reality is I, what happens to me, and if you're open there are so many things happening." With so many good quotes, you will not get any from me this time. Less is more. - Mr Urbano

Robert Rutoed
Born in Vienna, lives in Austria. Photographer and filmmaker. Made numerous short feature films with screenings worldwide. Early paintings and photographic work are in private collections.

Photobooks: Less Is More (2009), grayscales (2010), Right Time Right Place (2011)
Visit the photographers website: www.rutoed.com


Rhonda Boocock said…
Excellent series!
Fiddlergene said…
Very interesting series. I especially like #7. Hey, I'm a guy!
less is sooo much more!
intense great series!