Vintage Photo Days

Bermondsey, South London

On a day trip to Margate, a town on the south east coast of England

Hop picking in the county of Kent

Bermondsey, South London

Bermondsey, South London
The above images five images were supplied by Terrence Sullivan in London, family photos that tell a little about the social history of England, particularly Londoners! Hop picking in Kent was a very popular "holiday" for working class Londoners at one time, they went to work during their holiday from their regular jobs in London; it was a way of escaping to the countryside for a week - the hops being used in the beer made in Kent and other parts of the country. Margate is also in Kent and still is a well known place to go for a day trip, lots of Kent made beer was consumed and a lot of fun was had by all - and maybe a few hangovers too!!


Rhonda Boocock said…
a fascinating view of early London!
The Professor! said…
I appreciate to see some photos from good old Kent!
Balogh Anita said…
Beautiful stories!!!!