wasserlust ::: waterpassion

water on my skin - water under my skin
water to glide through - water to drown
water to feel my power - water to feel my weakness
water like tears - water like pearls of joy
and so much more

I'm really passionate about swimming
about the feeling of beeing lifted - being surrounded of another world
there's a lot of struggling too - like in real life
but the water always becalms me - it's flooding my soul with lucidity 
becoming a wave is the best feeling.

I swim 2.000m each day - because I'm loving it. 


The sun is burning, I am yearning
For the waterflow
Next to my skin I, like to begin a
Letting off steam I float in a dream,
I can't let go
Follow my wishes, follow the fishes
Down below
I go swimming

I need water, water to drink

Water on my brain, water sustain,
Water over me
I want water, water I need
Water to think, water to drink
Water over me

Songtext Peter Gabriel - I Go Swimming


mrurbano said…
this is great kerstin - like a manifesto of you with sparkling images about the waterworld
elfrun kroehl said…
concentrated b&w-passion
Rhonda Boocock said…
wonderful Kerstin!
thank you ulf, elfrun & rhonda!
I really love your words ;))
Kumpernatz said…
in bunt leben die bilder
in sw sind sie einfach kunst!
ich finde sie einfach großartig :)))
br said…
you do love water and your photos prove it!!! great, very strong images!
danke liebe ruth & thank you bea!
Tiberio Fanti said…
I'm lost in admiration ...
Balogh Anita said…
..schon wieder hab ich gute Laune bekommen!:)
Paolo Saccheri said…
yes some great images here for the same passion I have: water, but in my case is sea water! ;-))
Both b/w and colour are very fine. One of my pref is the boy under water, curled sideways
danke anita & grazie tiberio & paolo!!!!!
Sehraeuber said…
kerstin, grossartig das gibt lust auf mehr meer!