Vintage Photo Days

My grandfather, on the right, was the Labour Party secretary in our local area for a number of years. This is a publicity shot, taken for a local paper in January 1965 in our house, which shows him, on the right, with Patrick Gordon Walker, the Labour candidate and eventual Member of Parliament. My mum is on the left with me on her knee, and my nan is next to her. I think the woman in the hat may be Mrs PGW!

A very old picture taken as publicity for the Drew Clark ladder making company, a very old concern, where my mum worked for over 30 years. I have no idea of the date. The gap in the houses on the left is where my grandparents’ home was built in the 1930s (gap-filling in an otherwise Victorian terrace).

A nice shot of my dad’s parents which shows their personalities!

My mother and me in about 1967, taken by my dad.

Police Squad called for Crimes against Fashion!  My immaculately dressed husband looks embarrassed that his younger brother has no pants on..... taken in Newham, London in 1968
 The above images sent in by Elaine English here in London.



mrurbano said…
great to watch these images
many thanks for sharing
Rhonda Boocock said…
wonderful family images!
paulboo said…
On the day the world will come to an end, a ladder to the heavens seems most welcome!!
Love these images Elaine.